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Good and not-so-good advice about gender.

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Letter sooner than later [Apr. 6th, 2010|01:21 pm]
Good and not-so-good advice about gender.


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Okay, so I posted recently about troubles with therapists and doctors. I am now taking the advice of many and looking in to recommended therapists.

I called one (Dr. Lee Faver)in NH and he seemed professional, but would want to see me for possibly six months to a year. He also charges $120 a session but said he would charge me only $70 a session. Though $70 a session is still pretty steep for me, due to having to see him for at least six months. He also knows that I was seeing an intern at Antioch. He feels I should still see my "therapist" at Antioch because she is an intern so of course she is "going to make mistakes" and she will probably be leaving soon any way. He also said a "summary of progress" would be acceptable and "speed things along", but he would still want to see me for six months to a year more due to a diagnosis of schizo-affective (diagnosed by a doctor through VocRehab). I personally feel this diagnosis is a little off, though it has been helping me get other services.

Does any one know about Dr. Lee Faver? Even if I had to wait as much as another year, would it be worth it seeing him? I have wanted to take hormones since I was 14 and living as male for almost a year. I have also been seeing my bad therapist for almost a year, so I would love to get a letter very soon.

I guess my overall question is are there therapists near southern NH, Southern VT, Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut that would write a letter within *three months*? (or less) I have also thought about the Gender Identity Clinic of New England in Manchester, CT. How are they?

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